General :  “For anyone who is new to acupuncture, they owe it to themselves to try it. It is often a revelation to realize that our bodies can actually heal themselves, without drugs or surgeries.”* – L.S., San Francisco

Migraine:  “I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr.Sparrow.  I have suffered from debilitating migraines my entire adult life, and this year began getting them on a biweekly basis. It was effecting my job, personal life, health and well being.
Upon the recommendation of my boyfriend, whom Dr.Sparrow successfully treated for allergies, I made an appointment for acupuncture feeling helpless and desperate.

Flash forward three months, and I have not had *a single migraine* since we began treatment.   It feels like a miracle, but it’s not-it’s Dr. Sparrow’s treatments.  Her insight and knowledge of migraines far exceeds anything I have experienced with western medical doctors.  She is pleasant, caring, and exceptionally good at what she does.  What a refreshing departure from being handed a prescription and vague explanation for my condition.

Her acupuncture treatments have honestly changed my life.  I look forward to my appointments, and as a bonus feel incredibly relaxed and centered afterwards.  Her office space is beautiful and calming, and her efficient and caring approach to her practice is a joy.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Sparrow!” * Sarah B. San Francisco 2016 (Yelp)

Back Pain: ” As I took a long walk today enjoying this AMAZING Indian Summer, I thanked God that I could enjoy walking in the sunshine. And then I realized it was not God I should thank, but Dr Kristen Sparrow that I should be thanking! I suffered from sciatic nerve pain down both my legs for three years until I found Dr. Kristen Sparrow.  Twice yearly epidurals and pain medication couldn’t get the pain down my legs to subside and I was headed into surgery.  As a last ditch effort I decided to try acupuncture. I learned that my insurance would cover it if I found an MD.   I found Dr. Sparrow via reading her Yelp reviews and figured, why not give her a try.  After the first set of visits, I had some improvement and after several weeks my pain was GONE!  I am happy to report that was almost two years ago. So Dr. Kristen Sparrow, THANK YOU for enabling me to enjoy this beautiful day PAIN FREE! XO!” *  Jamie R. San Francisco 2016 (Yelp)

Allergies and Asthma:I had such allergies and asthma that I couldn’t run up a small hill. After acupuncture and herbal treatment with Dr. Sparrow, I can run up that hill easily. Many of my other problems have also diminished.” *– S.I., San Francisco

Allergic Rhinitis: “I developed allergies to cats and dogs about 30 years ago. I tried allergy shots for a year and they did not seem to help. When I went to friends’ houses, I had to take a Zyrtec or Claritin, found that the pills did not always work and also found that they made me feel drowsy and a little off — just when I’d most like to socialize. You’re not supposed to drink when you take those medications, so wine with dinner was a problem.

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Over the years, the allergies seemed to be getting worse. Feeling that this was all headed in the wrong direction, I wondered whether acupuncture could help when shots and pills had not.
I didn’t have much to lose. Dr. Sparrow’s experience with her own allergies and acupuncture sounded promising and I liked the fact that she is a trained physician.
Dr. Sparrow has a great manner and is easy to talk to. She explained that the theory is that acupuncture and herbs can help to strengthen and balance your immune system. This made sense,
because the medical research links allergies to immune system response.
Most importantly, the acupuncture and herbs are working for me. After just the first few treatments, I have been able to take no pills and still go comfortably to homes of friends with cats and dogs. After a year, it’s even better. Dr. Sparrow advises not to challenge one’s system too much, so I am still careful but I just don’t have to be as careful (or drugged) as I was before. What a relief! As a side bonus, I have not had a cold or other illness in about a year (despite a heavy air travel schedule).” *- D.B., San Francisco

Losing Weight: “After my course of acupuncture, I found that many of my cravings and habits started to fall away. It happened so naturally. At first I didn’t really attribute it to the acupuncture; but now I realize that, of course, that’s what made the difference.” * A.S., Kenwood

Severe Neck and Shoulder Pain: “After almost five months of debilitating neck and shoulder pain, having worked with two very good physical therapists and tried various medications, including Vicodin, with no relief, my doctor recommended acupuncture. I was a little skeptical. It’s funny – I knew people who had greatly benefited from acupuncture, but I wasn’t convinced it would work for me. But at that point, I was ready to try anything.*[expand
title=”Read On”] I’m so glad I went ahead and saw Dr. Sparrow! Acupuncture was the only thing that relieved my physical pain! My pain level had been at a 7 or 8 for almost five months. After my first couple of visits, my pain went down to about a 6 or a 7. While that may not sound like a lot, this was the first and only thing that had alleviated my pain at all since it began five months before! Dr. Sparrow and I saw each other twice a week for about 1 1/2 months, and my pain level gradually went down to a 2 or 3, and many days I have no pain at all. I rarely need to take medication for the pain anymore. I have appointments with Dr. Sparrow once a week now.
I’ve heard of many acupuncture cases where pain goes away more quickly than mine did; my experience was a little unusual. I don’t think this had anything to do with Dr. Sparrow; my body simply took longer to heal than others. Also, I was under a lot of stress during our first month of treatment, which I think also played a role. Dr. Sparrow was very patient and we experimented a little to see what would best help me – different types of needles, electrical stimulation, etc. Also, while Dr. Sparrow was more than willing to continue working with me, she really left it up to me as to whether or not I wanted to continue treatment and if I felt it was helping me.
Dr. Sparrow is very professional, kind, and knowledgeable. I also like that fact that she has an MD, and has worked with both Western and Eastern medicines. Something else that I really liked about Dr. Sparrow’s practice is that she worked with my insurance company so the treatments didn’t cost as much. I should mention that the treatments themselves are usually very relaxing. Yes, the needles do occasionally hurt, but if Dr. Sparrow moves the needle just a bit, the pain usually subsides. When I come to an appointment, we talk about what we plan to work on that day. Then I lie on a massage table, Dr. Sparrow puts in the needles, adds a heat lamp, and I just lie there for 10-15 minutes. She comes in and checks on me, adjusting the needles as necessary. Having that little oasis of relaxation is nice – I’ve even fallen asleep a few times.
My physical abilities have improved dramatically since I began treatment. It’s such a relief to be able to turn my head without pain – before this, looking both ways when crossing the street was difficult! I can reach above my shoulders again, lift things, carry a bag, wash dishes, and sleep through the night. I used to wake up every couple of hours in pain. Also, Dr. Sparrow helped me when I messed up my knee and ankle after stepping in a pothole. While I initially visited Dr. Sparrow because of my neck and shoulder pain, she relieved other aches and pains that arose.
Dr. Sparrow and I now see each other once a week. I highly recommend her.” * – A.G., San Francisco[/expand]

Back Pain and Sciatica: “After suffering for many months with pain and inability to walk more than a block at a time caused by sciatica and hip arthritis, I had to seek other treatment. (Read On) Medication and physical therapy were ineffective. I decided, reluctantly, to try acupuncture. Three treatments later, I was able to take my tour of Ireland even though I wasn’t completely free from pain. I have continued my treatments with Kristen Sparrow, M.D. and now feel 90% improved. My experience with Dr. Sparrow has been very satisfactory. Her knowledge and caring manner have convinced me that acupuncture is a very worthwhile treatment.” *- A.C., San Francisco

Neck and Hip Pain:
“Having worked as a nurse, my orientation with medicine was of a Western philosophy. I was somewhat skeptical of what acupuncture could do for me. However, I had exhausted traditional medicine with steroid injections, physical therapy, and narcotic pain medication without much relief.”*[expand
title=”Read On”] I was suffering from severe neck pain w/spasm from an old skiing accident. In addition to having DDD in my neck and low back, I have osteoarthritis in my hips. On my first visit to Dr. Sparrow, she took a comprehensive health history and reviewed my MRI. Because of her background as an anesthesiologist, her knowledge of the spine was extremely helpful in isolating the areas she needed to treat. She has a very straight forward approach, yet “no pressure” regarding continuing treatment if you are not getting relief. She is flexible in her office hours and I found the office and treatment rooms to have a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The pain in my neck 85% better and a bit less in my hips and low back.
I would highly recommend trying her services.” – L.I., Sonoma[/expand]