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Astra Essence for Longer Life

By | September 17th, 2013|Fitness and Health|

I thought I would copy this message from Health Concerns in its entirety.  As many of my patients know, I'm a huge fan of Astra Essence and have been taking it for years.  It not only helps to stave off illness but counters the aging process.  The main ingredient, astragalus, has been linked to healthier [...]

Juveline Arthritis: Leaky Gut? Case Study

By | February 4th, 2013|First Do No Harm: Risks, Fitness and Health|

Fascinating case study of a young boy diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, treated with conventional medicine and also complementary treatment of supplements and dietary restriction.  Warning, this is a long article.  They discuss gut flora as we have done here as a possible causative factor with antibiotics perhaps playing a role. When I read about these [...]

Between Heaven and Earth

By | December 5th, 2012|Fitness and Health|

A gentle reminder,  the first teaching in Chinese Medicine is that humans live between heaven and earth, like trees, grass, animals and insects.  We invented machines, but we are not machines.  Machines cannot heal themselves, nor nourish themselves, nor lay themselves down to sleep.  The slight irregularity in our heart beats and gaits is a [...]