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Melatonin and Migraine

By | June 18th, 2017|Fitness and Health|

Acupuncture Helps With Migraines I recommend Melatonin and Magnesium as safe options for migraine prevention.  This article looks at one possible mechanism for melatonin's effectiveness in menstrual migraine.  The dosage of melatonin needs to be adjusted since too much (even above 3 mg in many people) can lead to paradoxical wakefulness or morning [...]

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Electroacupuncture at GB20 Relieves Migraine and Lowers CGRP in Animals

By | June 17th, 2017|Acupuncture research, Autonomic Nervous System|

I was not aware that migraine sufferers had cutaneous allodynia.  That may account for the exaggerated autonomic response to needling I've noticed in the clinic. Neural Regen Res. 2017 May;12(5):804-811. doi: 10.4103/1673-5374.206652. Electroacupuncture at Fengchi (GB20) inhibits calcitonin gene-related peptide expression in the trigeminovascular system of a rat model of migraine. Zhao LP1,2, Liu L1, [...]

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Intraoperative Low-frequency Electroacupuncture under General Anesthesia Improves Postoperative Recovery in a Randomized Trial.

By | February 4th, 2017|Acupuncture research, Autonomic Nervous System, Stress|

Ancient Medicine Made Modern More like this please.  This is a useful study because it does away with the problem of placebo, has quantified results.  It also emphasizes the hard to prove, but real preventative effect of acupuncture on the stress response.  Shown in animals here. It also combines my previous profession (Anesthesiology) [...]

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Migraine and Acupuncture and HRV: Jo.Ru edition

By | December 9th, 2016|Acupuncture research, Autonomic Nervous System, Clinical Acupuncture Cases, Heart Rate Variability|

Kuan Yin Who Hears the Cries of the World I've been treating a young, male patient with intractable migraines.  He has had them for years, and stopped taking medications years ago because though they might work in the short run, they weren't fixing the problem.  He does his best to avoid triggers, but [...]

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Migraine Treatment Success: HRV data over time (Ne.Be)

By | September 14th, 2016|Acupuncture research, Autonomic Nervous System, Clinical Acupuncture Cases, Heart Rate Variability, Stress|

This data has been collected since the first treatment.  He had severe migraines, 3/week and was in the last year of an extremely high pressure, public project.  Insomnia was another issue and it affected the migraines, with poor sleep often triggering a migraine. Points I want to emphasize for  you.  Patient had clinical results relatively [...]

Acupuncture, HRV and High Blood Pressure (Jo.Ma)

By | August 21st, 2016|Autonomic Nervous System, Benefits, Clinical Acupuncture Cases, Heart Rate Variability, Stress|

As part of my ongoing research on stress response and acupuncture treatment,  today's post features  data from a patient seeking treatment for hypertension, and also knee stiffness after bilateral knee replacements. I'm featuring his Heart Rate Variability (HRV) data ( a measure of his stress response) complexity data combined with the parasympathetic activity because it [...]

Hypothalamus and Amygdala Response to Acupuncture Stimuli in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

By | August 8th, 2016|Acupuncture research, Autonomic Nervous System|

This article is almost 10 years old, but apparently I've never posted it on the blog.  It's pertinent to the autonomic piece of the puzzle that I'm trying to solve re:acupuncture results. Abstract: Brain processing of acupuncture stimuli in chronic neuropathic pain patients may underlie its beneficial effects. We used fMRI to evaluate verum and [...]

Functional Movement Disorder Submission to Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal

By | July 31st, 2016|Acupuncture research, Autonomic Nervous System, Clinical Acupuncture Cases, Heart Rate Variability, Stress|

Ancient Medicine Made Modern This is my submission in reply to a call for papers to the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal concerning functional movement disorder.   Acupuncture and Vagal Tone:  Cervical Dystonia and Intention Tremor Patients with functional movement disorders have lower vagal tone than controls [i]  according to a recent study. [...]

Research Casting Doubt on Acupuncture

By | July 30th, 2016|Acupuncture research, Big Pharma, First Do No Harm: Risks, Follow the Money|

Through some web searching, I was able to find a copy of this paper that's not behind a subscription firewall. These kinds of papers have been coming out for decades.  It's a safe bet as a journalist to criticize acupuncture, it's a kiss up kick down, comforting the comfortable gambit. There are no heavy hitters [...]

Acupuncture Effective for Prevention of Migraine, Tension headache, and

By | July 19th, 2016|Acupuncture research|

Headache. 2016 Jul;56(7):1238-40. Role of Acupuncture in the Treatment or Prevention of Migraine, Tension-Type Headache, or Chronic Headache Disorders. Coeytaux RR1,2, Befus D3. Author information Abstract OBJECTIVE: To summarize the current evidence that evaluates the effectiveness of acupuncture for the treatment or prevention of migraine, tension-type headache, and chronic headache disorders. METHODS: Findings from selected [...]

Acupuncture for Endometriosis Review

By | May 7th, 2016|Acupuncture research, Autonomic Nervous System|

Thomas Lundeberg does very thorough  and thoughtful research.  Nice resource article to have on hand. J Pain Res. 2016; 9: 157–165. Published online 2016 Mar 24. doi:  10.2147/JPR.S55580 PMCID: PMC4818044 Is acupuncture effective in the treatment of pain in endometriosis? Iréne Lund1 and Thomas Lundeberg2 Introduction Endometriosis is a multifactorial, estrogen-dependent, inflammatory gynecological condition – [...]

Cluster Headache Acupuncture Strategies

By | September 12th, 2015|Autonomic Nervous System, Clinical Acupuncture Cases|

Ancient Medicine Made Modern Kinda great that this made it into the British Medical Journal.  This article shows the merit of understanding the physiology behind clinical conditions. BMJ Case Rep. 2015 Sep 10;2015. Acupuncture for episodic cluster headache: a trigeminal approach. Hayhoe S1 1Department of Pain Management, Colchester University Hospital, Colchester, UK. Abstract [...]

Acupuncture Dosage and Pain

By | June 21st, 2015|Acupuncture research|

Kuan LinGoddess of Compassion"She who hears the cries of the world" This is background for an article from Acupuncture Today rebutting a negative acupuncture study from Australia on Knee Acupuncture.  The article is not yet available online. PLoS One. 2013; 8(10): e77438. Published online 2013 Oct 11. doi:  10.1371/journal.pone.0077438 PMCID: PMC3795671 Characteristics of [...]

Acupuncture for Headache and Anxiety

By | April 14th, 2015|Acupuncture research, Autonomic Nervous System, Clinical Acupuncture Cases, Heart Rate Variability, Stress|

Kuan LinGoddess of Compassion"She who hears the cries of the world" This is another clinical case, looking at the same research questions as this one. This is the case of a young woman age 25, who had a concussion after being thrown from a horse.  She had severe headaches and extreme difficulty focusing [...]

HRV, Acupuncture and Migraineurs

By | November 23rd, 2014|Acupuncture research, Autonomic Nervous System, Heart Rate Variability|

Backer_MigraineHRV_2007 I am posting this older article so that I can link to it on an upcoming handout for the UCSF presentation on Wednesday  November 26th.  Interestingly, what they see is that LF decreases over time in the verum acupuncture group. Acupuncture in migraine: investigation of autonomic effects Bäcker M, Grossman P, Schneider J, Michalsen [...]

Brain Activation in Acupuncture Local and Distal for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

By | February 16th, 2014|Acupuncture research|

Whole article is here. If I ever get around to learning all the brain areas, I might be able to comment better on this study.  Fascinating that the local and distal both worked better than the sham acupuncture on the affected limb. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2013;2013:795906. Acupuncture-evoked response in somatosensory and prefrontal cortices predicts [...]

Acupuncture Mechanisms for Pain: from Anesthesiology Journal

By | December 20th, 2013|Acupuncture research, First Do No Harm: Risks|

Pain hurts. Concise summary of the current science behind acupuncture's pain relieving effects, and a definitive endorsement for its use to minimize potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals. Anesthesiology. 2013 Dec 9. [Epub ahead of print] Mechanisms of Acupuncture-Electroacupuncture on Persistent Pain. Zhang R, Lao L, Ren K, Berman BM. Source From the Center for Integrative [...]

Julianne Moore’s Fountain of Youth

By | November 19th, 2013|Clinical Acupuncture Cases|

Is this how Julianne Moore stays looking so young? November 4, 2013 by Tian Nu San Hua 0 Comments Carrie star Julianne Moore covers Health magazine this month and gave up some secrets about how she stays looking so good at 52. Acupuncture: “For back pain, it’s amazing. I also had a period after my [...]

Acupuncture and Isometric Exercises for Knee Osteoarthritis

By | June 11th, 2013|Acupuncture research, Acupuncture Research 2, Fitness and Health|

Knee osteoarthritis has been one true success story for acupuncture research.  In this study, they compare acupuncture and isometric exercise for knee osteoarthritis.  Unfortunately, they don't describe the isometric exercises well. At. all. Int J Prev Med. 2013 Apr;4(Suppl 1):S73-7. Comparison of the effects of acupuncture and isometric exercises on symptom of knee osteoarthritis.Saleki M, [...]

Chronic Pain and the Role of Brain Activity

By | April 2nd, 2013|Fitness and Health|

This article has pertinent discussion of the issues behind chronic pain.  When a person has chronic pain, they end up with "central sensitization."  What this means is that even if the initial pain problem is gone, the brain keeps signalling that there is a problem.  This brain initiated signal can lead to ongoing and pernicious [...]

Brain Specificity of Acupoints for Migraine

By | February 11th, 2013|Acupuncture research|

I like this study because it uses an actual "patient" group (people with an ailment) rather than healthy volunteers.  And also because it shows a difference not only in the subjects reduction in pain, but actually different metabolic pain profiles in the targeted acupuncture therapy versus the acupuncture points not targeted for migraine.  Helps to [...]

Acupuncture for Experimentally Induced Pain

By | February 7th, 2013|Acupuncture research|

This is a different sort of experiment than one typically sees.  They gave acupuncture to healthy volunteers to see if it would mitigate pain from cold pressor test, or intradermal capsaicin injections (ouch!) There was no significant difference between the sham group and verum group.  I am not sure what acupuncture points they used.  This [...]

Review Article on Mechanisms of Acupuncture for Myofascial Pain

By | January 29th, 2013|Acupuncture research|

Nice review of the literature and science.  Free Article here. Probable mechanisms of needling therapies for myofascial pain control. Chou LW, Kao MJ, Lin JG. Abstract Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) has been defined as a regional pain syndrome characterized by muscle pain caused by myofascial trigger points (MTrPs) clinically. MTrP is defined as the hyperirritable [...]

Responders versus Nonresponders: Genetic?

By | January 12th, 2013|Acupuncture research, Autonomic Nervous System|

There IS a wide variation in patients' responses to acupuncture and electroacupuncture (EA.)  In this study they look at gene expression that might explain those differences.  I've seen in my own studies that vagal enhancement is more often seen during treatment in responders, and the enjancement can be dramatic in "profound responders." PLoS One. 2012;7(8):e42331. [...]