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Acupuncture and Autoimmune (Ch.Va): HRV

By | October 13th, 2016|Acupuncture research, Autonomic Nervous System, Clinical Acupuncture Cases, Heart Rate Variability, Stress|

Ancient Medicine Made Modern This "case of the day" highlights a few aspects of stress monitoring as a guide in Acupuncture. [Review: HRV is a measure of autonomic balance /stress levels) Each group of columns represents one clinic visit, each column 3 minutes of data. I look at each visit for response and [...]

HRV, Stress and Multiple Sclerosis

By | September 26th, 2016|Acupuncture research, Autonomic Nervous System, Benefits, Clinical Acupuncture Cases, Heart Rate Variability|

Ancient Medicine Made Modern We have discussed this patient who has multiple sclerosis before, but this is her updated data.  Keep in mind this is a patient who is presently asymptomatic, and comes in for treatment to lower her stress in order to optimize her immune function.  So this data is useful. It shows optimization, ie lower [...]

Effect of 100 Hz electroacupuncture on salivary immunoglobulin A and the autonomic nervous system

By | August 6th, 2016|Acupuncture research, Autonomic Nervous System, Heart Rate Variability, Stress|

Effect of 100 Hz electroacupuncture on salivary immunoglobulin A and the autonomic nervous system Waki Hideaki,1 Hisajima Tatsuya,2,3 Miyazaki Shogo,2,3 Yoshida Naruto,2,3 Tamai Hideaki,2,3 Minakawa Yoichi,2,3 Okuma Yoshihiro,2,3 Uebaba Kazuo,2,3 and Takahashi Hidenori2,3 Abstract Background A previous study has reported that low-frequency (LF) electroacupuncture (EA) influences salivary secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA) and the autonomic nervous system [...]

Acupuncture, HRV, and Multiple Sclerosis

By | June 21st, 2016|Acupuncture research, Autonomic Nervous System, Clinical Acupuncture Cases, Heart Rate Variability, Stress|

Kuan YinGoddess of Compassion"She who hears the cries of the world" 2016 data from this patient who comes regularly for prevention/optimization acupuncture. She carries a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.  She is best served by keeping her immune system optimized and her preference is to do this with acupuncture.  This, of course, is a [...]

Acupuncture Reduces Dust Mite Associated IgE

By | May 27th, 2016|Acupuncture research|

The author of this paper presented a poster at the SAR conference in Boston last November.  Acupuncture basically "cured" my allergies, so I've continued to have a keen interest in acupuncture and allergy and immune response in general. This study compares real acupuncture, with sham acupuncture, and a control group.  Only the verum acupuncture showed [...]

Acupuncture and Immunity

By | November 12th, 2015|Acupuncture research, Benefits|

At the SAR conference in Boston, I was reading up on some of the participants.  I noticed Sandra Silverio-Lopes has a few posters that she is presenting.  She is from Brazil, studied in China.  I found this chapter that she wrote on Immunity and Acupuncture from 2013.  It's quite comprehensive and I'm happy to have [...]

Allergic Rhinitis Physiology and Acupuncture Relevance

By | June 16th, 2015|Acupuncture research|

Ancient Medicine Made Modern Nice background info on acupuncture's mechanisms. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2013;  PMCID: PMC3586443 The Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Acupuncture and Their Relevance to Allergic Rhinitis: A Narrative Review and Proposed Model John L. McDonald, 1 Allan W. Cripps, 1 ,* Peter K. Smith, 1 Caroline A. Smith, 2 Charlie [...]

Autonomic Function, HRV, in Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis

By | May 30th, 2015|Acupuncture research, Autonomic Nervous System, Clinical Acupuncture Cases, Heart Rate Variability|

 This article looks at autonomic balance before and after a series of 12 acupuncture sessions.  (Update: full article text here.)What they say is that the patients with Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis have a higher resting heart rate to start, and blunted cardiovascular response to cold pressor test.  This is fascinating to me since one of the [...]

Acupuncture for Allergic Rhinitis

By | May 30th, 2015|Acupuncture research|

This article is from the group in Berlin, and back ground for a subsequent blog post.  Their conclusion was that acupuncture was effective, but not cost effective.  I would argue that they didn't run the experiment long enough.  In my own case, my allergies have been under control for decades since my original acupuncture treatment [...]

Acupuncture & Neuro Endocrine Immune Network

By | May 16th, 2015|Acupuncture research|

Ancient Wisdom Through the Ages A review article from China.  Good stuff!  Plus free full text link below. Substantial evidence has shown that the skin is a neuroimmunoendocrine organ; the body skin is rich in nervous, endocrine, immune tissues structurally, and closely associated with these three systems in function. And exogenous noxious stimuli [...]

Immunity and the Nervous System

By | May 10th, 2015|Acupuncture research, Autonomic Nervous System, Heart Rate Variability, Stress|

Kevin Tracey is the researcher using implantable electrodes to stimulate the vagus nerve to damp down the hyperimmune response in rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions.  This is the abstract from a talk at Cold Springs Harbor.  Since acupuncture cured my allergies, I looked for a biomarker for treatment and have been measuring heart rate variability [...]

Vagal Tone and Immune Regulation

By | April 8th, 2015|Autonomic Nervous System, Heart Rate Variability|

Ancient Medicine Made Modern This ties into my area of interest of monitoring vagal tone during acupuncture treatment.  Acupuncture can be helpful with pain, but more interestingly, with immune problems such as allergy.  Since immune function is thought to be implicated in so many modern ailments, from rheumatoid arthritis to cancer to autism, [...]

NPR: Acupuncture for Allergies

By | February 3rd, 2015|Acupuncture research, Fitness and Health|

  From NPR, it appears "New guidelines from the Academy of Otolaryngology should make it easier for people and their doctors to choose the treatments that will help the most, from over-the-counter remedies like antihistamines to more serious interventions like allergy shots and even surgery."... "Acupuncture may help relieve symptoms and improve quality of life [...]

Mast cell and connective tissue interaction in acupuncture stimulation

By | December 20th, 2014|Acupuncture research|

This is a paper outlining the effect of mast cell degranulation and mechanical stimulus in the form of acupuncture stimulation.  Dr. Lundeberg at the Barcelona conference spoke about the far reaching immune effects of acupuncture stimulation also.  It makes me wonder if mast cell stabilizers would interfere with acupuncture treatment. Int J Biol Sci. 2014 [...]

Acupuncture and Allergy: Recent Study

By | July 12th, 2014|Acupuncture research|

This recent  German study looks at certain immune factor levels and compares to a cohort group using Loratidine.  IL-10 is well documented to be influenced by acupuncture, but this study evaluated a few other factors.  Treatment is pretty much the points I use, except I don't typically do ear acupuncture.  I also don't continue twice [...]

Acupuncture for Sepsis and Immune Enhancement

By | March 16th, 2014|Acupuncture research|

Use Antibiotics Judiciously! This is a report on a recent lab study on mice where sepsis (life threatening, whole body infection) was induced.  But it adds to the weight of evidence and does mention the role of the vagus, the focus of my research.  This study also emphasized the role of intact adrenal glands. It also [...]