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Ancient Medicine Made Modern

One of the popular features of wearable technologies such as FitBit is a measure known as Heart Rate Variability or HRV.  HRV is a  way to evaluate your stress levels so that you can optimize your health.

Way before FitBit was popular, I was evaluating patients’ HRV stress levels in conjunction with their acupuncture treatment to get a more detailed idea of how they were responding.  Acupuncture is often used for pain, but it is incredibly effective for anxiety, high blood pressure, immune disorder, gastrointestinal disorders and other stress related conditions. Now that the “quantified self” is popular, these technologies are rampant, and the concepts more common place,  my studies are getting more attention.

The equipment I use is more sophisticated than FitBit or Heart Math data,  and gives an array of data that gives a detailed view of your stress levels on the treatment table and then over time.  By evaluating that data carefully, it helps me to determine many aspects of how to proceed with treatment.

If you go to the research page, there is a summary of my publications and presentations.

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