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Comparison of Electroacupuncture Frequency-related Effects on Heart Rate Variability in Healthy Volunteers: A Randomized Clinical Trial



This study aimed to compare the effects of high frequency electroacupuncture (EA) and low-frequency EA on the autonomic nervous system by using a heart rate variability measuring device in normal individuals. Fourteen participants were recruited and each participated in the high-frequency and low-frequency sessions (crossover design). The order of sessions was randomized and the interval between the two sessions was over 2 weeks. Participants received needle insertion with 120-Hz stimulation during the high-frequency session (high-frequency EA group), and with 2-Hz stimulation during the low-frequency session (low-frequency EA group). Acupuncture needles were directly inserted perpendicularly to LI 4 and LI 11 acupoints followed by delivery of electric pulses to these points for 15 minutes. Heart rate variability was measured 5 minutes before and after EA stimulation by a heart rate variability measuring system. We found a significant increase in the standard deviation of the normal-to-normal interval in the high-frequency EA group, with no change in the low-frequency EA group. Both the high-frequency and low-frequency EA groups showed no significant differences in other parameters including high-frequency power, low-frequency power, and the ratio of low-frequency power to high-frequency power. Based on these findings, we concluded that high-frequency EA stimulation is more effective than low-frequency EA stimulation in increasing autonomic nervous activity and there is no difference between the two EA frequencies in enhancing sympathovagal balance.