Acupuncture to decrease stress

Kuan Yin who hears the cries of the world

These graphs are from a patient I’ve been seeing since the summer for cosmetic acupuncture and stress reduction.  She enjoys her treatments and looks forward to the relaxation they provide.  Notice how even though there are some “bumps” in her data during treatment, over time we see a consistent and convincing decrease in her stress over time.  Particularly of interest is her sympathetic activity (fright or flight) which has decreased significantly.  Nice! (Of course the usual disclaimer that correlation does not equal causation….)

HRV with Acupuncture

Stress Levels During Treatment and Over Time

Graph of Sympathetic Activity over time

Sympathetic Activity (Fright.flight) During Treatment and Over time LFNorm

Graph of parasympathetic Activity

Parasympathetic Activity (Rest and Digest) during treatment and Over Time