Here is the long form Braverman Test.  This is a test that I was alerted to by  Zach Haigney.  Charles Poliquin, a world famous trainer, drew the correlation between the braverman test, and Chinese Medicine types on the Tim Ferriss show.  A rundown is here.

The Tim Ferriss Show with Charles Poliquin


Thing is, the rundown gives you the personalities of the neurotransmitter dominant type, not the deficient types.  So one has to apply some knowledge of Chinese Medicine.

In preparing my abstract for the 2016 AAMA conference, I came across this reference by the guy who invented TENS.  This is “at home” prescription for certain element balancing.  I’m all ears about this since I’ve been varying acupuncture treatment in accordance with Richard Harris acupressure protocols.  There will be much more to follow on this topic, but wanted to share a few links as background.