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The author of the following article was kind enough to send it to me in its entirety here. Transcontinental_and_translational_JAMS . It is an ambitious study that looks at a few different acupuncture modalities and HRV both short term and long term. I will devote a few posts to this paper going forward but just wanted to leave you with his initial quotation from one of the ancients. I’m a bit surprised that I had never read this before with my intense interest in HRV as a measure of health. It is another reminder of the astonishing acumen of the ancient Chinese practitioners.
Transcontinental and Translational High-tech Acupuncture Research Using Computer-based Heart Rate and “Fire of Life” Heart Rate Variability Analysis
Gerhard Litscher*, the Asian-Austrian High-tech Acupuncture Research Network† Research Unit of Biomedical Engineering in Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine and TCM Research Center Graz, Medical University of Graz, Graz, Austria

Variable heartbeat has been considered a sign of good health since the third century by oriental physicians and the scientist Wang-Shu Ho. Ho stated,“If the pattern of the heartbeat becomes regular as the tapping of woodpecker or the dripping of rain from the roof, the patient will be dead in four days”

[1]. His statements were based on the manual pulse diagnosis...

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