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Are you looking for safe, reliable treatment for your anxiety, high blood pressure, allergies, migraines, pain and other health issues?

I have been providing Acupuncture for 18 years, and have many happy patients and success stories to show for it. 

A new patient experienced dramatic pain relief from sciatica after one visit.  Quick results can happen and she said, “I had heard people say great things about acupuncture, but I never thought it would work for me.  I’m so happy and relieved to have found something that helped with the pain!”

Acupuncture can work for you, too.  It can take a bit of patience and persistence, but often the benefits are immediate, and results long lasting.  My treatments are based in tradition, but also evidence. Because of my years of Medical training and work as an Anesthesiologist, I can’t help but look to actual physiology to get you the best, no nonsense results. That’s the point of my research.  I want you to get the best, quickest results so you feel better, sleep well and can get on with your life.  That’s what I mean by “Ancient Medicine Made Modern.”  Hope to see you soon!

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