Seeking safe, reliable treatment for your anxiety, high blood pressure, allergies, migraines, pain and other health issues?  What is Ancient Medicine Made Modern?

  • I offer you gentle Acupuncture based treatment with advanced stress monitoring that measures your treatment and progress so you receive the most effective treatment possible. 
  • Stress can affect mood, sleep, pain levels, and immunity, and so by optimizing stress levels, you achieve a stronger, healthier happier you.
  • As an Anesthesiologist with years of training in physiology, the need for careful evaluation of patients’ physiological response to treatment was a logical next step.
  • By getting a detailed assessment and quantifying your progress we can better guide and plan treatment.  
  • 18 years of Acupuncture practice experience convinces me this is the way to get you the most effective and rapid results.  I use data driven strategies so that you can feel better, look better, sleep better, be stronger and get on with your life.

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