Google Goes All In on Anti-Death

They looking to be counting on genetics and lots of cash to beat the grim reaper.  Yeesh.

Telome Company Name Change

We’ve discussed telomeres as a measure of aging previously on the blog.  Just for housekeeping sake wanted to post this so that there was no confusion about the name of Blackburn‘s company going forward.  

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Acupuncture Stops Inflammation

Another example of acupuncture increasing vagal tone and leading to decreased systemic inflammation. Dopamine mediates vagal modulation of the immune system by electroacupuncture Rafael Torres-Rosas,1, 2, Ghassan Yehia,1, Geber Peña,1,                                           Published online 23 February 2014 Previous anti-inflammatory strategies against sepsis, a leading cause of […]

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Award for AAMA Poster on HRV and Acupuncture for Hypertension

Much to my astonishment, I won an award for my poster project. Here is the final project.Poster final Handout for AAMA brochure format

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Google Glass Helps Patient from Brain Bleed?

Count me as very skeptical on this one.  Not that I don’t believe that this was possible, or even saved the patient’s life in this instance.  But do we really want brain surgeons to have split attention?  Was there really no one else who could have perused the chart for allergy information?  That is usually […]

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Data for AAMA Poster


I am posting data to supplement my poster.  Data for web from study 4.8.14

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Complexity Theory and Alternative Medicine

Working on my handout for the upcoming AAMA conference in Denver and again wanted to read Andrew Ahn’s paper on complexity and alternative medicine. The image is of a coastline.  A classic fractal. Heart Rate Variability is a way of evaluating a complex system (i.e. all the inputs to the heart.)  Ahn expresses it so […]

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Review of HRV and Acupuncture

Detailed review of HRV and acupuncture.  (I still can’t get over seeing these kinds of studies since I was one of the first in the field. )

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